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Promila was like all those who struggled to be happy despite having tangible things to feel happy about. It was only when she got connected with her own self completely and realized her true potential with Divine help and guidance; she felt eternal happiness and Bliss. By depicting her self-realization journey very expressively in this book, she has sincerely tried her best to show all those who want to know and follow, the path which leads to a permanent happy state of being. Her other books are – 1. Meanderings- The Soul Songs. It’s a string of spiritual and inspirational poems and couplRead More...

How I Became the Universe

Books by Promila

You have all that you wished for!

You are your own universe as your are one with universe through your own soul living inside you. Connecting to your soul and by doing that making universe your own, makes you draw anything from it that you ever desired for yourself.


But how to connect to your  own soul and make universe your own is the complex issue that needs to be understood for getting all your desires fulfilled. The process mention

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