Rajiv Kumar Sharma

Rajiv Kumar Sharma, an educator by profession and a thinker by nature, dreams of a world full of love, peace and harmony. As a principal of a highly successful and vibrant school at Amritsar, he strives to bring that dream into reality through education. His ideas are simple yet thought provoking. He uses the medium of theatre to sensitize the present and future generations about social and environmental wastefulness by scripting and directing hard-hitting plays with students and teachers in his school.

This is his second collection of poems. Again, like the previous book, the centrality of love as the common thread that runs through almost every theme is starkly visible. Though most poems appear to be tilted towards the futility of love, the power of love is unmistakably evident in each one of them. You can actually feel this power pulsating in your veins as you read his poems. The language is always simple, the thoughts are profound, and the emotions are familiar. According to him, poetry happens on its own, uninvited and unintended, when the mind searches for the meaning of troubling thoughts. The experience of bringing a poem to life is cathartic and liberating.


Love, Always

Books by Rajiv Kumar Sharma

Can you find true love? Yes, but you have to keep it pure says the poet in ‘Thirst.’ Is love permanent? Well, you need to understand and nurture it as the lovers discover in ‘Love… Sadly.’ Is love possessive or liberating? Only the lover can tell as conveyed in ‘Angry Bird.’ The sequence of poems on ‘Prometheus’ shows that love is not limited to loving an individual (one may be in love with a cause), what

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Love, Lies, Life...

Books by Rajiv Kumar Sharma ‘Fossil’

Inspire, comfort, provoke- if an expression doesn’t perform either of these functions it’s not meant to reach out. The poems in this collection live up to this notion. Composed in simplest of words they relate with our emotions and experiences yet give us a glimpse of a less explored world which is always around us but remains unclaimed.

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