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Rajiv Tyagi

Rajiv is an alumnus of St. George’s College, Mussoorie, St. Mary’s Academy, Meerut and the National Defence Academy at Pune, India and an erstwhile fighter pilot, having served in the Indian Air Force and flown the MiG-21 fighters. He changed course midway and turned into a tech nerd, designing computational electronics systems for the Air Force, as a civilian.

In his free time, he trudges aimlessly across mountains, with no destination in mind. A bon vivant, Rajiv lives with his mother Satya, and Seema, his wife of 37 years, and the reason he is tolerated by friends. You can find him on an evening, by the fire or by music, with friends, guzzling rum, sipping a single malt, or dancing to a waltz or foxtrot with the few ladies who still indulge him in this passion. Rajiv is a Jazz, Western Classical and Hindustani music fan, calls himself an anarchic liberal and is an opinion maker on social media. An early riser, he can occasionally be seen on the golf course, swinging a club wildly or using it to dig up the earth. When he finds his wife receptive to suggestion, he resumes a decade long negotiation about buying a 1000cc motorbike, having recruited two daughters, a son and their spouses to his team, but has to obviously work harder on his negotiation skills…

This is Rajiv’s first book, a quirky and whimsical collection of memories from his life in the Air Force, as a civilian, a mountain trekker and a lover…


A Crackerjack Life

Books by Rajiv Tyagi

These are memoirs of my life as a fighter pilot, a mountain trekker, a bon vivant and a lover...

“Rajiv still flies with his keyboard. He writes with a fighter pilot’s swagger and attention to detail. Fighter pilots like old hunters, have a reputation for tall tales. Rajiv tells short ones, with aplomb and gusto. He writes with felicity and a sense of irony and wit, so rare these days.”

- Mohan Guruswamy

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