Ravi Kumar

Ravi is a corporate communications expert and has been instrumental in designing the communication strategy for some of the most memorable marketing campaigns for well-known brands. Prior to this, he was a former TV journalist and spent over a decade working with various leading news channel. Ravi has been writing for quite some time now and is very well known in poetry circuits across India where he is admired for his unique way of narrating heart-touching poems. Besides being his debut collection, Kaagaz Ke Mahal happens to be the first book in this three-part poetry series on varied emotions and subjects. An artist at heart, Ravi is also a trained Hindustani classical singer and learnt the nuances for over one and a half decades while performing and getting recognition at numerous national-level platforms. Ravi’s words echo some of the most basic human emotions in a poetic manner that connects with readers instantaneously.


काग़ज़ के महल

Books by रवि कुमार

दिल और दिमाग़ की गहराईओं में रखे सैकड़ों जज़्बात अक्सर ज़ुबां के रास्ते मंज़िल ना पाने की वजह से किसी कोने में दबे रह जाते हैं । बस एक पन्नों की दुनिया है जहाँ बिना किसी सवाल जवाब

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