Indie Author Championship #6

Renuka Gunasekaran

Bringing out powerful stories from every life is not just passion but Renuka Gunasekaran’s Ikigai too. A former software engineer, she started working as a blogger and news curator for websites. Soon her short stories got published in leading magazines, and she was invited to write columns. Partnering with a leading publication house based in Delhi, she has brought out exciting content for children. With her vast and varied professional experience, she started Clover Thoughts, a company that offers strategic content consulting, premium writing services like bringing out one’s book,Read More...


Books by ரே

சித்தம் என்பது மனமாகும். தன்னிச்சையாகத் திரியும் மனதினை அடக்கி, இறைவனிடம் செலுத்துகின்றவர்கள் சித்தர்கள் ஆவர். இவர்களுள் திருமூலர், அகத்தியர், இராமதேவ சித்தர், இடைக்காடர

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It’s Gonna Be Fine

Books by Renuka Gunasekaran

Sometimes, we all go through difficult moments in life, crumbling inside and longing for clarity, direction, and love. We find ourselves standing at crossroads, not knowing whether to walk away or try harder. We feel as though we have lost our ability to tap into our deeper instinctual intelligence. That’s when we look for a shoulder to cry on, a friend or a family member to rely on, someone who is willing to listen to our problems and give sympathy, emo

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