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Richa Sinha was born in Kaisar Ganj District Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh on 13 August, and grew up in Agra. She took a Master’s degree in English Literature and B.Ed from Dayalbagh Educational Institute Agra. She is working as a teacher in Mumbai. She teaches her students to think of the blank page as not merely that, but also a piece of canvas—one that must be studied and filled, but also emptied. Her father was a librarian and mother was a lecturer in the same university So she was brought up amidst a literary atmosphere. She has keen interest in literature which comes through in the formal aspects of many of her poems. ‘Tukda Tukda Chand’ is her first collection.  



टुकड़ा टुकड़ा चाँद

Books by ऋचा सिन्हा

टुकड़ा टुकड़ा चाँद मेरा प्रथम काव्य संकलन है ,मैंने पहली बार अपने विचारों को शब्दों में रखा है ।ये एक काव्य संकलन ही नहीं मेरे जज़्बातों का पुलिंदा है जहाँ मैं ने अंतर्मन अनुभूत

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