Robert Rae

Robert Rae is from a motorcycle racing family with an uncle who successfully raced MotoGP, and a grandmother on the other side from the Greigg family, who were responsible for introducing the tractor, devising farm implements and producing agricultural systems to arguably technologically advance North America more than any other. Surrounded by such genius, it was certain to manifest in future generations, and Robert Rae seems to be endowed with it, as he is renowned for his designs and development of cutting edge technology in the automotive industry. His talent, intellect, eye for detail, at times unconventional approach, instinct and understanding of technological issues combined with a network of friends and acquaintances in various fields of science have been applied in the quest for the Holy Grail. He demonstrates his unconventional approach when delving into a more elaborate technique of Earth Sciences with bewildering consequences...

Holy Grail and Camelot

Books by Robert Rae

Seldom has it happened that you come across a book like this with the potential to rewrite history and content to put an end to centuries of speculation regarding the composition and resting place of the Holy Grail. This book could do just that. Camelot Palace, Isle of Avalon, King Arthur, Knights of the Round Table and so much more feature in this book, to be revealed in an entertaining fashion. The Holy Grail is not what people think it is, it is even more s

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