Roopak Desai

Roopak Desai a Certified Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) Practitioner, Coach, Mentor at iMentor, Leadership Coach at BRAVEN, Writer and Author. He participated in the first signature Habits and Happiness Program in 2012 conducted by The Institute of Advanced Human Performance (IFHAP). He has been a practitioner of meditation, mindfulness, and gratitude journaling since then. He now serves as a member coach at Positive Psychology led by Braco Pobric. Roopak’s alter ego of a “MarathonForLife” runner after running helped him fight and negotiate anxiety and depression. And he shares how running is an ultimate way for practicing mindfulness meditation, which is the gateway to happiness, health, and sustained well-being. To date, he has run four full marathons, including the New York City marathon twice. He recently climbed Mount Kilimanjaro being fully present during the seven-day journey to the summit and back.

He lives in Monroe, New Jersey.

Contact Details:

Roopak Desai

Positive Psychology Practitioner, Coach, Writer, Author, and Motivational Speaker

Happiness, Well-Being, and High Performance

Cell: 848-248-1865 E-mail: coachroopak@gmail.com


Social Media: http://wwww.coachroopakdesai.com



Books by Roopak Desai

The book S.O.A.R. is a compilation of eighteen awakenings of the Author – Roopak Desai to S.O.A.R—that is, to Stand Out, be Outstanding, be Approachable, and be Remarkable by growing from within and unleashing your limitless potential.


This book is presented in a way that you become your own coach and with a novel idea of featured inspirations on each topic for a personal

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