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Rupa Dasgupta

This is Rupa Dasgupta’s first attempt to write fiction. Her career has involved her with scientific research, so fiction from her could come as a surprise. But Rupa has been making up stories in her mind since her childhood days, so much so that she would get unmindful in class and miss what the teachers were teaching! She loved, and still loves, doing that: cocking up stories in her mind. Her friends called her a day-dreamer. Much later in life, she started penning down her thoughts in the form of memoirs and then stories based on whatever she saw around although some were completely imaginRead More...

For Want of a Pocket

Books by Rupa Dasgupta

A maiden attempt to bring what has been to author’s until now ‘nonsense writing.’ Life throws up many meaningful, unmeaningful, significant and hilarious situations at times. The book is entitled ‘For Want of a Pocket’ as it is from a sari-wearing lady’s point of view. It is a collection of four short stories. 
The first story ‘FESEM’ reflects the grinding procedure in purchasing sophisticated equipment that is expected to be beneficial to

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