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Swayamsiddha Mishra

Student, Writer and Dreamer...
Student, Writer and Dreamer...

Swayamsiddha (Swayam, for friends) describes herself as a writer-in-progress and a human being in full. She is fascinated by the world of literature and feels that the power of words enchant, captivate, connect and heal. Swayam writes about life as she sees it—suspended and entangled between different worlds and journeys of meetings and separations, deep friendships and fickle encounters—from angry tears to joyful reunions. She is exasperated by the follies of the world of adults and convinced about the possibilities in her generation. A reader with an enormous appetite, Swayam reads from the simple to the sublime, and anything that comes in between. She takes pains to look beyond the obvious; she pursues her stories not in certainties of black and white but in infinite shades of grey. In her own words: I wrote because the story was begging to come out. Never one to be typecast in any mould, she is also a feisty advocate of child rights and feels life is too short to eat bad ice cream. 

Swayamsiddha Mishra pursues her high school studies in Aditya Birla Public School, Bhubaneswar.  The Laws of the Wind is her maiden foray into the magical world of writing. 


The Laws of the Wind

Books by Swayamsiddha Mishra

Tangled, unfinished lives.

Imperfect, enigmatic people.

One city.

Three families, and the freedoms that bind them to each other.

This is a story of overcoming loss.

This is a story of healing broken things.

This is a story of letting go.

Three young kids, their parents, their regrets, their past histories and their rewritten future histories—does healing really happen?

And more than anything, how

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