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Sachin Dasan

Sachin Dasan is an accomplished artist who has a natural flair for literature and art. He spent most of his childhood in Singapore before moving back to his home country, India. From his homeland, the exposure to classical literature incinerated his passion for creative writing. He went on to graduate as a Mechanical Engineer from DSCE, Bangalore. His spectrum of proficiency includes art, dance, oratory and creative writing. Along the way, he found his interests gravitating towards crafting pieces of poetry and stories that reciprocated with the tastes of readers and listeners both alike. He iRead More...

51 Poetic Biscuits of Love

Books by Sachin Dasan

From the moment we are born into the motherly hands to the excruciating seconds before our last breath, humanity goes through a soul-searching process of experiencing the divine feeling of love. Some survive with gathered fragments of broken love stories, while others live long enough with their better halves to narrate their romantic tale to their descendants. A must-read for all generations to relive their magical moments of romance all over again.

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