Sana Parwin Jee

Sana Parwin Jee is an MCA graduate and from the software field, a boring developer has now turned into a happy author. She is working in one of the software giant and is bagged up with a project from a well-known bank. She loves writing articles and short stories. This is her debut novel. She is currently living with her family, in Bengaluru. Other than writing, she loves cricket, music and trying multi-cuisine food—cooking as well as tasting.


I Love My (W)Vish

Books by Sana Parwin Jee

Flag waved and train started moving slowly. I hugged her. I kissed her. She was like statue. I urged her to talk. "Rammi…please speak out…I will be in touch with you dear as now…please send me with smile. Rammmmmi……you damn it….speak out idiot…"

But she didn’t even respond to my words. I insisted her friend, Mia to take her to her room. My friends dragged me as the train was started moving and picked its speed. I was forced to drag my hand from holding her as she was holding me tightly. My friends pushed me into the moving train. She was like statue as showing her hand not to go. Tears rolled down from our eyes. She was still there though I was telling her to go back to her place. I tried her number but she didn’t pick up. She refused to talk to me when I tried reaching her through Mia's number.

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