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Sandesh Arya

We don't know how appropriate it is to say that writing is Sandesh Arya’s hobby, but for all we know, whenever she sees a social evil in the society it inspires her to lift her pen and start writing. The difficulties, the feeling of helplessness and the experiences of life are beautifully penned down by her.

Though she is a postgraduate in English and economics, her love for Hindi never faded. Her husband was an established writer and with his love and encouragement she flourished in her writing. Sandesh Arya has always contributed into the Hindi literature either through her poetry or her stories. She has a keen interest in  music as well and is a diplomat in classical music. After 32 years in teaching, she retired as a lecturer. She believes if you decide on doing something, you should put your heart and soul in it and always put your best foot forward. Age is just a number and there is no such thing as right age.



Books by सन्देश आर्य

ज़िन्दगी...क्या है ये ज़िन्दगी? संघर्ष, संवेदना, दर्शन और सुख-दुख का संगम। हर दिन एक नया अनुभव, कोई खट्टा तो कोई मीठा, कोई रंगीन तो कोई फ़ीका। इन अनुभवों के माध्यम से होता ही रहता है हम स

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