Shalini Buddh Singh

Shalini Saini is a housewife. She comes from a village in India, and holds a Masters degree in Chemistry. Shalini is a native of Dehradun, and has lived in Saharanpur since marriage. With the help of her husband, Shalini has worked to draw attention towards a problem that affects many people – which is the goal of being rich and famous, while compromising on their values. She feels that girls are powerful members of every family and need care. She believes that if a girl breaks up, it matters a lot to many people.


A Planned love story

Books by Shalini Buddh Singh

Everyone is selfish and most people tend to use man and material to their advantage. This is a tale of three friends that tells us that God gives us eyes, ears, a mind and everything else to be a complete entity. We are meant not just to follow, but to think, see and use our minds for our benefit. And this again makes us selfish. When three selfish people meet, who is proved to be the biggest loser?

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