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Shalini Puri

Shalini Puri, a certified yoga trainer, spends most of her time teaching yoga to housewives. During her interaction with them, she came to know about various myths related to health and diet that are being followed. Indeed, she was following the same diet and health practices for many years. She shared these tips and lifestyle improvement with them, which they found very useful and applied them. Based on their request, she compiled all about health, fitness and diet in the form of a book to share with everyone who is looking to improve their life.Read More...

One Step Towards Holistic Lifestyle

Books by Shalini Puri

These days there are so much confusion and myths related to diet and exercise. However, it is not complicated. It is very easy to understand if you get the right input from the right source. This book is all about understanding our physical health, mental health and diet in a simple way.

According to experts, physical and mental health is equally important. Both are required to lead a happy life.

These days some people are aware of physical healt

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