Shamender Leekha

Shamender aka Shammi aka Leekha is an expert in Astrology. His love for this branch of science started way back in the 80s, when his father introduced him to ‘The Lal Kitab (wonder book).’ What started as a pastime soon became passion and attachment towards the belief ‘fikar chod gujri ki jo chal gayi hai, nazar rekh tu agey ki jo aa rehi hai.’ Shamender has presented many papers on astrology in the past. His favorite subjects are astrology of incidents. He actively writes blog and is active on the social media. Shamender Leekha currently is a functional head with an e-commerce organization. He stays with his wife and son in Delhi.


Books by Shamender Leekha

“Nar kya karey, Samey hot Balwaan.

Kaaba gopi ley uday, wahi Arjun, wahi Baan!”

For me, destiny had always been like a parcel of joy, which had my name written on it. But it never reached me till date. It seemed that it was stuck somewhere in an abandoned post office, where the postman was least bothered to deliver it.

The abandoned post offices are the 12 houses of your horoscope and the 9 planets are the postmen. The postmen are suppose

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