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Sharada Sivaram

Sharada Lakshmanan is a Chennai-based Software professional with a passion for coding, writing, leadership and training. When she takes her hands away from the computer, she would put her hands to Arts and writing. She is a busy mother and spends her time with children, books and arts. She likes to draw, curate and view art galleries. Art has been a guiding force for her from childhood. Her blogs are available at lsharada.wordpress.com which includes her writings about technology. She has her Art album in Facebook and she aspires to create a blog for arts in the coming years. It is her cherished desire to contribute this book as an inspiration to online societies around the world that use art as a therapy to awaken the creative potential and to heal the sufferings of humanity during times of intense crises. She would also like to use the book as a medium to promote art around the world by helping people and inspiring them to be at the best of their potential.

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