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Shri Singh, Shrimati Singh

Sri. and Smt. Singh were born in 1955 and 1958; married in 1974 at the age of 18 and 16. During the Emergency 1975, Sri. Singh was put in Raebareli Jail. In 1980, they left their village and resided in a city. Sri. Singh became a judge in 1990 and Smt. Singh became an educationist and sociologist. Sri. Singh is a graduate of law and science and a post-graduate in sociology. Both were enjoying normal sex every night in a rented room. Their newborn daughter was with them. Suddenly, on 13th July 1981, in extraordinary situations, Smt. Singh achieved 11 orgasms in one session of intercourse. They Read More...

पत्नी के लिए? मल्टी आर्गेज़म की, नई तकनीक-एक खोज

Books by श्री सिंह, श्रीमती सिंह

अब तक दम्पतियों/काम शास्त्रियों की सांेच यही है कि साइकिल दो पहियो पर खड़ी नहीं हो सकती, वह दौड़ेगी कैसे? अर्थात सम्भोग में एक आर्गेज्म के लाले पड़े हैं, मल्टी आर्गेज्म कैसे होंगे? ले

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