Siji Thomas


The author Siji Thomas started her life’s journey from a small town in Kerala and made it big in a metro city like Mumbai. The author is a graduate from Mumbai University and currently working in a corporate office. She is happily married and lives in Mumbai with her husband and a teenage daughter. Her second book ‘200 kms in a Wrong Lane’ is based on a real life story with the facts changed to make it an interesting story.


Greeshma, an innocent orphan girl of nineteen, develops passion towards ‘Modeling and Acting’. She trusts every person who speaks to her compassionately. Mr. Mishra, a sixty-five-year-old man, takes advantage of her position and without a choice she becomes mistress to the old man. To compensate his wrong doing, Mr. Mishra presents her a house in a posh locality to settle with the child. To cope with her struggles and hunger to have a better life, she ends up trusting another person ‘Ashok’ as her live-in partner. She almost forgets her old days of struggle until she realizes Ashok stole her life savings and abandoned her to face the world alone. Her encounter with Ashok makes her...

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