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Amit Singh

Amit Singh is a Supply Chain professional working with DHL from past 7yrs, who like to express the thoughts of individual in poetic form and he take this as his passion. Putting himself at Kalyan a town in Dist. Thane (Maharashtra), it is his 1st book and he himself being an introvert person follows the same path to express his feelings and emotions sometime.

Apart from his writing skills he even like listening to people, reading books, exploring places as Trekking is among one of his favorite where he find himself at peace whenever feels down by his routine job and not in mood of penning down any thoughts.



Books by अमित सिंह

क्या है शायरी? चँद अल्फाजों के सहारे अपने एहसास, आक्रोश, मन की मिठास और कड़वाहट, ग़म और खुशी को व्यक्त करने का जरियाँ। यहाँ ढूँढ़ने जाए तो हर व्यक्ति में एक शायर छुपा है, कोई बतौर पे

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