Soosaiya Anthreas

Chennai, India

Soosaiya Anthreas was born in Azhikkal, Kanyakumari District of Tamil Nadu in the year 1959 to illiterate-fisher folk-parents. He graduated from CIT (Coimbatore) in the year 1982 in Mechanical Engineering, but his passion has been somewhere in the writing. He dreamt of becoming a Novelist one day. Influenced by R.K. Narayanan and Jane Austen in literature; Freud, Wilhelm Reich and Jung in Psychology; Nietzsche, Sartre, Russell in philosophy; and Swamy Vivekananda in spirituality. He lives in Chennai with his wife Danee Joycee, daughter Jzacksline Andreela, and son Andrei Crichton. Email ID:


This story is so moving that I had to stop reading to catch my breath several times and share tidbits aloud with my family and colleagues.

- Suzanne Bowen, editor I love how Soosaiya has caught the vulnerability of each character, no matter how strong or weak they are meant to be. This should be a movie! Anyone who enjoyed the Life of Pi like we all we did…would love this story.

- Kelly Branchal, editor

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This is a tale of fisher-folk that lives in an obscure-coastal-slum-village situated in...

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