Soosaiya Anthreas

Chennai, India

Soosaiya Anthreas was born in Azhikkal, Kanyakumari District of Tamil Nadu. He graduated from CIT in Mechanical Engineering, but his passion has been somewhere in the writing. He dreamt of becoming a Novelist one day. Influenced by R.K. Narayanan and Jane Austen in literature; Freud, Wilhelm Reich and Jung in Psychology; Nietzsche, Sartre, Russell in philosophy; and Swamy Vivekananda in spirituality. He lives in Chennai with his wife Danee Joycee, daughter Jzacksline Andreela, and son Andrei Crichton. Email ID:


This story is so moving that I had to stop reading to catch my breath several times and share tidbits aloud with my family and colleagues.

- Suzanne Bowen, editor I love how Soosaiya has caught the vulnerability of each character, no matter how strong or weak they are meant to be. This should be a movie! Anyone who enjoyed the Life of Pi like we all we did…would love this story.

- Kelly Branchal, editor

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This is a tale of fisher-folk that lives in an obscure-coastal-slum-village situated in...

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