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Srivarshini is an independent research scholar with an M.A. and M.Phil. in English language and literature. She has always believed in the power of stories since childhood, through becoming a mom, having a family and playing Adult. Writing, according to her, is a natural result of her tryst with stories. “What's life without a dose of creativity?” is her take on the world of literature. The Surreal Surrender is the debut novel of this literature lover from Tamilnadu.   An avid reader,her interests also include art, fitness, riding and driving. She is a freelance English language and soft Read More...

The Surreal Surrender

Books by Srivarshini

Discover the pulsating life energy that animates, transforms and shapes perceptions of love, life and beyond! There is your truth, my truth and theirs – Janani, Raga and Laya – the 80s girls from a small town. Laugh, love and live with them on this short trip!

Experience the life of the enigmatic Janani who wants nothing but the best; the journey of Raga, the diva whose life is all about distractions and Laya, who ultimately identifies and surrender

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