Srinivas Mahankali

Srinivas Mahankali is a passionate advocate and practitioner of Blockchain technology. An alumnus of IIT Madras and IIM Bangalore, Srinivas has worked in leading Indian and Multinational organizations at various Top management roles. He led the Digital transformation activities and IT department in some of India’s leading organizations. Srinivas authored/co-authored multiple books on emerging technologies. His book Blockchain-The Untold Story has the distinction of being the first book in the world to be translated into a Chinese language by AI agents. He co-authored books on AI & ML, Cybersecurity, Blockchain Consortiums and Organizational excellence. Srinivas has extensively worked on conceptualizing, consulting, and implementing Blockchain technology at leading Indian and Government-owned organizations in India. Srinivas is fond of training and talent development activities. He took an active part in training many professionals in government and private sector in Blockchain in India as a Program Director of one of India’s leading University certified online Post Graduate programs. Srinivas supports several start-ups as a sounding board, to conceptualize and adopt appropriate strategies for growth.


Think 3 -Insights from Mythology and Everything around

Books by Srinivas Mahankali

It is often said that there is no universal truth and there is no point in trying to search for the ultimate wisdom. Steve Hawking, one of the greatest humans and the most intelligent ever born was perpetually in search of ‘Theory of everything’ finally gave up one day. Most of us believe that there are no ‘Universal Truths’ and hence there is no such person who knows everything and all the angles possible but need to have the tolerance

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Blockchain & The Smart Cities

Books by Srinivas Mahankali

Digital Nations and Smart Cities are rapidly evolving, and the resulting
digitalization is leading to several benefits while also exposing the citizens to
unforeseen risks. Technologies like Blockchain are enabling risk management
for secured automation. The book takes a close look at various paradigms of
Smart cities’ & Digital Nations’ Governance while relating to the application
of these principles in real life throu

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BLOCKCHAIN CONSORTIUMS – A Comprehensive Handbook

Books by Varun V Singhi, Murthy Chitlur, Srinivas Mahankali

While blockchain consortia have enjoyed growth in absolute member numbers, Gartner estimates that fewer than 2% of enterprises worldwide are participating in blockchain consortia at any level .In 2020, the C-Suite is looking forward to invest more money and resources behind Blockchain as a strategic solution in a more meaningful and tangible ways. Today's blockchain consortia are established  in an emerging technologically changing market.  We are in

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Corona Wars

Books by Srinivas Mahankali

Mahesh, a senior IT management professional, believes in giving his best to his job and wants to help his boss and his group achieve success at any cost. He draws immense inspiration from mythological characters to guide his actions as he responds to various situations, whether it is in his corporate life or in his personal life. During the course of his corporate journey that cuts across the various domains of STEM namely Science, Tec

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Blockchain for Non IT Professionals

Books by Srinivas Mahankali

The increased digitization and automation taking place at a rapid pace across all the spheres are our activity are creating a world of unforeseen convenience. However, we are put to an unimaginable risk of cyber-threats. At the same time, there is a lack of trust sweeping across with the counterparties and a tremendous threat to the privacy of the global citizens with the trusted third parties like governments and organizations that are unable to prevent breac

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