Suhas Inamdar

Hyderabad, India

Suhas Inamdar is an engineering graduate. Over the last twenty-eight years, he has worked in various parts of India and abroad. He loves to see the positive side of every human being. He believes that anyone who does not laugh heartily at least once in a day is merely wasting his life. Suhas Inamdar has authored three books so far, Power Games of Life, Altered Destiny and Return Journey of a Stranger. These books are a unique blend of motivation, philosophy, happiness, and success. You can contact Suhas at


Do millions of blurry notions about the ever-mystic subject of astrology intrigue you? Do you want to steer clear of all ambiguity that surrounds the mysterious phenomenon of life and death? Welcome to Life Version 2, a book that will surely unravel some of life’s biggest and the most intriguing questions. God gives us endless opportunities to script our Life Version 2! Go, grab one…… Abhijeet, 60, is a successful entrepreneur who leads a contented life. Cricket, music and astrology are his deep obsessions. His life is running smooth until an appalling prediction is made that he is going to die within the next six months! This turns his life upside down. He prepares to die and e...

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Is the destination of our life already fixed, or is it a result of several coincidences? What impact do our actions have in shaping our future? Is life like a small boat drifting aimlessly in a vast ocean without sails and a compass? Welcome to ‘Return Journey of a stranger’, a book based on human endurance to rise above the surrounding adversities. It talks about how a determined person can bring about a tremendous positive change in the lives of millions of people in the world. This is the story of Chandrakant, a 12-year-old illiterate boy from Mumbai slums. One day, he is falsely implicated in a murder charge. In sheer panic, he flees from the scene and unknowingly boards a train, ...

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Is the destiny of every person already written and sealed? If so, can anyone change it? Does the sub-conscious mind have the power to alter the destiny by positive thinking alone? Welcome to ‘Altered Destiny’ a book based on human optimism, faith and belief. It is the story of Yashwant Rathore, a jailor who always tries to transform every prisoner in his jail. He treats all the prisoners with compassion, counsels and motivates them to lead a positive life after their release. His life changes one day … when he decides to reform the notorious criminal Dilawar Khan by using the power of his sub-conscious mind. However, his dreams are shattered when Dilawar Khan escapes from the priso...

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