Suhas Inamdar

Suhas Inamdar is back with his eighth book. His earlier books have dealt with important aspects of life such as happiness, the power of positive thinking, success and philosophy. He strongly believes that values shape the character of a person and thus accords great importance to values.


Suhas voices his values through his writing, which inspires people to be good and to do good. Through this book, too, he hopes to spread an important message that the shadows of Karma span a lifetime.

Suhas Inamdar hails from India and currently lives in Dubai.

He can be reached at suhas.inamdar@gmail.com


The Last Evidence

Books by Suhas Inamdar

What is the shelf-life of our Karma? Is it possible to escape from the fruits of our Karma ever? Can a meticulously built character be marred by a sin committed in the past?

Welcome to The Last Evidence.

Ramgopal, a tourist guide in New Delhi, often engages in interesting conversations with his tourists, impressing them with his vast knowledge on various subjects. However, by sheer coincidence, all the tourist’s houses are burgled

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My Friend Genie

Books by Suhas Inamdar

What happens if one fine day you accidentally stumble upon a super power, which grants all your wishes, and even tells you about your future? Would your life turn out easier or get complicated and challenging?

Experience the adventures and an array of emotions with Arun Deshpande, a middle-aged, middle-class person, as he unexpectedly gets a hold of a magical ring, which invokes a genie whenever he wears and rubs it. He is thrilled and starts enjoying t

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The Second Chance

Books by Suhas Inamdar

Do you think the doctor-patient relationship is sacrosanct?

How confident are you that your friendly doctor is not a pill mill doctor and is not prescribing you unnecessary tests?

How sure are you that your lawyer is ethical and not a fat cat?

Does the new media’s febrile and vituperative reporting arouse your interest?

Do you think the culture of character assassination by the fourth estate fosters positivity in societies?


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Evolving Paradigms of Life

Books by Suhas Inamdar

Do the sweet symphonies of the glittering past draw you back to it? Or do you find the rhythms of modern life sweeter? Perhaps the melody of the future sounds more enticing than both the past and the present?

Evolving Paradigms of Life is about the life of Vijay Kulkarni, who moves from Hingoli, a small village in Maharashtra to Mumbai in the 1950s. Life in a metropolitan city like Mumbai stands in stark contrast to the simple life in his small

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Life Version 2

Books by Suhas Inamdar

Do millions of blurry notions about the ever-mystic subject of astrology intrigue you? Do you want to steer clear of all ambiguity that surrounds the mysterious phenomenon of life and death?

Welcome to Life Version 2, a book that will surely unravel some of life’s biggest and the most intriguing questions.

God gives us endless opportunities to script our Life Version 2!

Go, grab one……

Abhijeet, 60, is a successful entrepreneur w

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Return Journey of a Stranger

Books by Suhas Inamdar

Is the destination of our life already fixed, or is it a result of several coincidences? What impact do our actions have in shaping our future? Is life like a small boat drifting aimlessly in a vast ocean without sails and a compass?

Welcome to ‘Return Journey of a stranger’, a book based on human endurance to rise above the surrounding adversities. It talks about how a determined person can bring about a tremendous positive change in the lives of mi

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Altered Destiny

Books by Suhas Inamdar

Is the destiny of every person already written and sealed? If so, can anyone change it? Does the sub-conscious mind have the power to alter the destiny by positive thinking alone? Welcome to ‘Altered Destiny’ a book based on human optimism, faith and belief.

It is the story of Yashwant Rathore, a jailor who always tries to transform every prisoner in his jail. He treats all the prisoners with compassion, counsels and motivates them to lead a positive

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