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Suhas Inamdar is back with an explosive tale that bolsters the significance of ethical values in today’s society. His earlier five books have inspired his readers to invest in the finer things in life such as happiness, positive thinking and philosophy. The Second Chance too aims to stimulate readers to follow the right path to reach the right place, even if it is an uphill climb!


The Second Chance

Books by Suhas Inamdar

Do you think the doctor-patient relationship is sacrosanct?

How confident are you that your friendly doctor is not a pill mill doctor and is not prescribing you unnecessary tests?

How sure are you that your lawyer is ethical and not a fat cat?

Does the new media’s febrile and vituperative reporting arouse your interest?

Do you think the culture of character assassination by the fourth estate fosters positivity in societies?

These questions are pertinent today, more than ever, as professional ethics and morals are being seriously eroded by some ambitious people.

The Second Chance is a riveting story of three friends – a doctor, lawyer and journalist – who start their careers with good intent but on the way, they go astray. In blind pursuit of unending wealth and wild success, the trio compromises on moral issues blatantly.

Will they ever listen to the voice of their soul?

Can the trio ever reflect on their actions?

If they do, will it be easy to retract their steps after travelling deep into the jungle of unethical practices?

The Second Chance is an inspiring and thought-provoking tale of professional ethics, morals and morality that will certainly tickle your scruples. Read to find out if a sinner can ever become a saint!

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Evolving Paradigms of Life

Books by Suhas Inamdar

Do the sweet symphonies of the glittering past draw you back to it? Or do you find the rhythms of modern life sweeter? Perhaps the melody of the future sounds more enticing than both the past and the present?

Evolving Paradigms of Life is about the life of Vijay Kulkarni, who moves from Hingoli, a small village in Maharashtra to Mumbai in the 1950s. Life in a metropolitan city like Mumbai stands in stark contrast to the simple life in his small village and it astonishes him. The vast differences in the urban and rural mind-set perplex him. He is bewildered to see the bold march of technology in the metropolitan cities. Vijay’s life’s journey thus, becomes a vehicle to explore the shifting perceptions of society as Vijay witnesses evolving paradigms during his life.

But does he change with the changing times? Does he change his parenting paradigm or does he force his ideologies on his children? Being a dedicated guardian of the past, does he let his children embrace the changes taking place around them? Does he see technology as a boon or a bane to society?

Get set to join Vijay as he embarks on life’s journey, an epic journey of learning. Join him on his emotional rollercoaster ride that he rides all along his journey across seven long decades! Go into spells of introspection with him from time to time. In the end, you are sure to say emphatically — “It is time to blend the ancient hearts with the modern minds to create a happy present!”

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Life Version 2

Books by Suhas Inamdar

Do millions of blurry notions about the ever-mystic subject of astrology intrigue you? Do you want to steer clear of all ambiguity that surrounds the mysterious phenomenon of life and death?

Welcome to Life Version 2, a book that will surely unravel some of life’s biggest and the most intriguing questions.

God gives us endless opportunities to script our Life Version 2!

Go, grab one……

Abhijeet, 60, is a successful entrepreneur who leads a contented life. Cricket, music and astrology are his deep obsessions. His life is running smooth until an appalling prediction is made that he is going to die within the next six months! This turns his life upside down. He prepares to die and exhibits unprecedented boldness by trying to complete all his pending tasks before he departs from this world.

In a strange twist of fate, he does not die as predicted. When he goes in search of the person responsible for making the spectacularly wrong prediction, he unearths a sinister plot. Who is behind this intriguing conspiracy? How does he look at life after his close brush with death? Can he ever live the same life again? Step aboard Life Version 2 and get set to experience the unknown, the very essence of life!

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Return Journey of a Stranger

Books by Suhas Inamdar

Is the destination of our life already fixed, or is it a result of several coincidences? What impact do our actions have in shaping our future? Is life like a small boat drifting aimlessly in a vast ocean without sails and a compass?

Welcome to ‘Return Journey of a stranger’, a book based on human endurance to rise above the surrounding adversities. It talks about how a determined person can bring about a tremendous positive change in the lives of millions of people in the world.

This is the story of Chandrakant, a 12-year-old illiterate boy from Mumbai slums. One day, he is falsely implicated in a murder charge. In sheer panic, he flees from the scene and unknowingly boards a train, which takes him to New Delhi.

That one move commences a new phase in his life, which is full of struggle and challenges at every step. However, he overcomes every difficulty with courage and determination. He gets lucky to meet some individuals, who believe in him and his capabilities, and assist him in his efforts to get on with life. He has only two strong desires … to go back to his slums and secondly to clear his name of the murder accusation.

At the age of 18, Chandu learns how to read and write and starts his career as an office boy in a real estate company. He soon becomes a voracious reader and reads lot of books on philosophy, history and management. By the age of 24, with his extraordinary performance, he becomes the CEO of that company.

He faces the ultimate test of his life when the company asks him to study the feasibility of demolishing the same slums in Mumbai where he had grown up. However, he cannot go there as Chandrakant, because he is already facing murder charge.

That marks the beginning of his return journey as a stranger…!

Does he go back to his slums? How does he extricate himself from the murder charge? Would he allow the demolition of his slums? Does he change with times, enjoying his new high profile status in the elite society?

‘Return journey of a stranger’ is a fast-paced story depicting the tenacity of an underprivileged boy to think big against all odds.

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Altered Destiny

Books by Suhas Inamdar

Is the destiny of every person already written and sealed? If so, can anyone change it? Does the sub-conscious mind have the power to alter the destiny by positive thinking alone? Welcome to ‘Altered Destiny’ a book based on human optimism, faith and belief.

It is the story of Yashwant Rathore, a jailor who always tries to transform every prisoner in his jail. He treats all the prisoners with compassion, counsels and motivates them to lead a positive life after their release. His life changes one day … when he decides to reform the notorious criminal Dilawar Khan by using the power of his sub-conscious mind.

However, his dreams are shattered when Dilawar Khan escapes from the prison in a daring adventurous drama and continues to execute the tasks assigned by the ‘Organization’. But Yashwant does not give up and continues to believe that Dilawar Khan would be reformed one day…

Strangely enough, Dilawar Khan comes across certain extra-ordinary situations while executing his ‘tasks’ which show him an unknown new side of life, which is full of innocence, hope, love and spirituality. In order to avoid being caught by the police and the Organization, Dilawar Khan turns fugitive and stays incognito.

Would Yashwant’s sub-conscious mind succeed in eventually reforming Dilawar Khan? How would the ‘Organization’ react to Dilawar Khan’s new ideology, which is based on love and compassion? Would the law ever catch up with Dilawar Khan and punish him for the crimes committed by him earlier in his life? Can a reformed criminal live a peaceful life? What does the human side of a terrorist look like?

Altered Destiny is an interesting fast-paced story with several twists and turns which will keep the reader glued to the book till the very end. The book also attempts to explore whether ‘World Peace’ can be attained through the power of sub-conscious mind, thereby altering the global destiny.

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