Dr. Sumit Roy

Sumit Roy is an environmental enthusiast and is very well-travelled in the villages of India. He has worked in various capacities for rural promotions for over ten years. His research includes sustainability ethics from the Vedic traditions. Having worked in the industry over seventeen years has given him insights of consumerism. At present, he is a consultant in select companies in the areas of sustainability trainings and also an enthusiast in spreading Indian philosophy and the Vedic way of living.


Biosphere Ethics

Books by Dr. Sumit Roy

It is intriguing that several earlier civilizations eradicated and collapsed over a period of time. Why and what happened to those robust civilizations? For the Sumerians, the rising salt level in the soil – the result of a flaw in their irrigation system – brought down wheat and barley yields and eventually the civilization itself. For the Mayans, soil erosion accelerated by a series of intense droughts apparently undermined their food supply and their ci

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