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Sunil Sethy

Sunil Sethy is a retired chartered accountant who worked for various companies in India before retiring in 2020 as CEO of two large Indian corporations. His work took him to many countries over the years and this has helped him authentically locate his book in countries such as Australia and the USA. Sunil’s family came to divided India as refugees from Pakistan, though he was born after Partition, in 1951. All the events relating to displaced families and their nomadic existence in the early chapters of the book are based on stories heard during his childhood. The book is inspired by his acRead More...

Flitting in the Shadows

Books by Sunil Sethy

Husna is only four when she leaves India for America with her foster mother. Growing up in Chicago she is obsessed with the absence of her foster father and her mother and grandmother’s continued silences about him.

Then one terrible day, nearly two decades after she has come to America, her mother and grandmother meet with a freak road accident leaving her alone, consoled by her boyfriend Adam.

On the discovery of a hidden manuscript in her mo

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