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Sunil Soni

This book has been written by Sunil Soni. who was born on 20 May 1988 in Madhya Pradesh. You are creative, passionate and very serious about your duty since childhood. The book " Website Banana Seekhiye" written by you is very beneficial for the youth of the country. Through him, work related to information technology, promotion of youth, awareness of employment and social development in rural areas etc. are being done continuously. All your academics have been done in Aaron District-Guna  Madhya Pradesh. He is also particularly interested in social development work and is the President of thRead More...

अवमानना जीवन पर भारी

Books by सुनील सोनी

देश मे प्रतिदिन कोरोना का संक्रमण बड़ रहा है, रोज मौत का खेल देखते हुए भी लोग संभल नहीं रहे है। अस्पतालों मे हाहाकार मचा हुआ है। पूरे देश मे समाजसेवी दल तन, मन और धन से लोगों की सेवा

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