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Supriya Saraswati

Supriya Saraswati is looking for a word for someone who converses in questions, so she could describe herself. She is not taking “annoying” for an answer. Supriya spent her childhood on the campus of IIT Bombay. Seen here, she is at one of her favourite spots in the quaint, calm campus. She obtained her doctoral degree from Heidelberg and went to Dallas for postdoctoral research. She currently works for a pharma company. Writing affords her a space to purge, reel and brighten up her journey. She came up with the word “happimmer” – a blend of happy and immer (GermaRead More...

Brink & Beyond

Books by Supriya Saraswati

To anyone who has ever wondered if broken could be powerful and beautiful, the cover portrait depicts you, and everyone who, when at the brink of breaking, chose to heal. This is you – unbound, invaluable, whole.

In this collection of stories, walk along the journey of the characters and witness their distinctive ways of escaping and embracing the cracks within them.

Losing innocence to hunger. Being married to abuse. A gaping woun

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