Suren Thulasiram is a life coach, speaker and trainer. He conducts customised training sessions in India and abroad. He uses a unique methodology, developed out of research, to inspire and motivate people, help them combat their shortcomings and failures, and achieve success. His mission, in his own words, is to "make the world the best place for you, me, our children, and the entire human race". He conducts exclusive life mastery sessions for students to groom them into achievers. As a life coach, Suren helps individuals find their potential. He coaches people in the areas of wealth, health, money, relationships, time, career and spirituality. He also counsels couples. Suren's impressive client list includes students, adolescents, couples, professionals, colleges, schools, hotels, banks, information technology companies, and other corporates. Read More...

Garden of Life

Books by Suren

This book is a step-by-step guide to building the garden of life, which transforms a young person into a successful adult by equipping him or her with the skills required to face the challenges of life.

This book is a perfect gift for your children to help them lead a peaceful and successful life. Though it is targeted at young people, it is suitable for people of all ages with an aspiration to succeed in life.

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