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Sury Pullat

Sury Pullat, an ex-mariner uses his international characters with varied backgrounds to probe the depths of Jihad. Two step-children at the Afghanistan-Pakistan border embark on Jihad to set right problems that span within and across religions. They confront the author himself as to why they had been chosen for such a task. It leads to a philosophical and historical analysis of most matters that cause disputes, identifying religion as the underlying problem in most cases. And when money, power and religion come together the trio makes such a strong brew that common sense is crucified at the altar of violence. The story traces the arguments for and against Jihad. Their induction, training, practice and failed misadventures are well narrated. Eventually, they join the main activist groups, multi plying numbers and widening their reach so as to impact most of the world in one go. Nature gets upset with the goings on in the world and unleashes her corrective fury.

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