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Sushama Karnik

Sushama Karnik retired as Head of the department of English from Patkar College, Mumbai. She lives at present in Malad-West, Mumbai. She has so far authored six books, two of which have been published: one by Vivekananda Kendra Pune, and the other by Notion Press, Chennai. This is her second book to be published by Notion Press, the first being her novel:  Yajnyawalkya. The rest of her writings have been self-published on her various blog sites.



Ancient Indian Quest for Knowledge

Books by Sushama Karnik

This book is about the ancient Indian philosophy of Yoga. Although of ancient origin, it holds significance for our times today. Its subject-matter is the trinity of mind, body and spirit. It is therefore of interest to everyone who wants to know the intricacies of the human psychology.

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Books by Sushama Karnik

Yajnyawalkya: a novel based on the writer's insights into ancient Indian Upanishads, it depicts Yajnyawalkya's journey towards self-realization. It is also an attempt to understand the human
condition. The writer is rooted in the philosophy of existentialism. However, there is no need to relate to any philosophy, known or unknown. A readiness to understand humanity takes us along the path of Upanishads.

'Yajnyawalkya' is the name of the q

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