Ujala Lohiya

Ujala Lohiya grew up as the fourth of the five children in her family.

Born in Jaipur, she got a chance to live in several other cities in Rajasthan as her father, a government employee, got transferred a lot until they finally settled in Jaipur when she was ten.

Apart from writing, Ujala Lohiya boasts of being a sitar player, having completed her master’s degree with a major in sitar.

Setting an example for all aspiring married women writers in the country, she juggles the roles of a mother, daughter, wife and a writer with divine dexterity.dfydk,¡is her first published book.

Though dfydk,¡does not have any central theme, the poems, gazals and nazms are inspired by her life and that of others around her.

 Next in line would be a collection of short stories which she is currently working on.



Books by

Kalikayen, like the name suggests, is a bunch of divergent yet unique floret of poems, ghazals and nazms, each of which spreads its own eccentric fragrance, hue and warmth. This book takes us on a voyage of verses illustrating our lives and lifestyles.

The diction is just enough connotative when the author writes in Hindi and a bit mellifluous wherever Urdu is employed, personifying the meticulous interlacing of the author’s spirit.<

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