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Urmi Chakraborty


Urmi is a student of English Literature and has been writing since she can remember. For a long time, she had kept her poems concealed in diaries and scraps of paper everywhere but a couple of years back, after getting inspired by a friend, she started her own Instagram page (@poetrybyurmi) where she began posting her poetry and write-ups. Since then, she has been putting out her poems to showcase her emotions to the world. She mainly writes about the ebb and flow of life with an interplay of light and darkness. A lover of books, naps, tea and cats, you would mostly find her snuggled in her roRead More...

Tell the Ghosts I’m Home

Books by Urmi Chakraborty

Tell the Ghosts I’m Home is a lyrical séance where the poet invokes all the ghosts she encounters in life. These apparitions don many forms in each poetic piece. They lurk as guilt in corners of the bedroom; they frighten through flashes of nostalgia; some whisper secrets from scars and some loom over the stanzas as wraiths of regret. While sometimes the reader might find themselves intoxicated in poetic drunkenness and hopelessly stuck in the narrow

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