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Vaishnavi is a management professional, working in health care sector. This is her first book. When not at work she enjoys music, eating and reading. Her approach to life has unique insights and opinions. Love and excitement always persist in whatever she does. She is eager to learn new things and willing to experiment in day-to-day life. Through the book, she shares her perspective about life and the lessons to be learnt from every experience. As a young professional, she is committed to impact the society through this book. Read More...

25 Ways to a Holistic Life

Books by Vaish Euphoria

If you are struggling with your life in the world, if things have become tedious and if you feel like giving up everything, this book will motivate you and will push you forward to touch the higher, deeper and beyond. You will identify a new YOU. In a dark vision of the near future, there is only one rule: DO or DIE. Birth was not your choice, death will not be your choice either, but the way you live your life is absolutely your choice. Take a deep breath and

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