Vandana Gupta

VANDAN GUPTA,  earlier a teacher of Hindi language, has now, quite admiringly achieved to have finished writing her first guide book for IGNOU students across the Country, after researching  the varies components which might effect the script, her articles also been published in magazine such as NAI UDAAN PATRIKA from Hoshangabad M.P.

This book is a result of the ability of comprehensiveness  acquired by the persona, due to which she has been able to simplify complicated conundrums of the language into a simple and smooth text which the students can easily digest.

She is settled in Darjeeling, West Bengal; with her husband and two kids.


IGNOU Help Book - Mhd-1, Hindi Kavya -1

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क्या आप IGNOU MHD-1 की परिक्षा में बैठने वाले हैं? और बेहद उलझन में हैं? तो अब आपने सही गाइड बुक चुना है। परिक्षा में पूछे गए घुमावदार प्रष्नों से छात्र घबराहाट में असगंत उत्तर लिख देते ह

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