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Vinayak Gham

Maharashtra, India

The Author of this book has seen, right from his childhood, how corruption affects the day-to-day life of the citizens. On one side, are those people who go to sleep on an empty stomach everyday. On the other side, are the poor who are fighting inflation. There are also the rich industrialists, people who speak of patriotism but don’t want to practice it. And then there are those who go for their jobs in morning, get back home in the evening. They watch the daily news at night and think that nothing good will happen in this country. After extensive research the author has come to the conclusion that, the Politicians are not to blame. The responsibility lies with the who believe that casting a vote for a popular politician will find the solution to all their problems instead of working and finding a solution by themselves.


Fire light of patriotism is ignited... Now they will come behind. They will come back behind... Keep watch. They will come back behind me... To put in there greatness, By picking up few stars from my greatness. Putting it in there fake greatness... You have to only ask them... Who is the traitor? In your life you have seen many great peoples. You have to do only one job. You have to identify them. The one who have wear fake greatness mask... Otherwise the future of many generations will be in big trouble... For patriotism; there is need not to be a politician devotee... Nor any man; is standing with the president or prime minister... Is so called patriotism... The meaning of patriotism is that...; to only and only stand by the country... Patriotism is not... A... Joke...: Criticism happens for patriotism, of course too much frozen... And nor this is any fake story... In fact self the history is witnessed... That whenever patriotism is called..., Criticism happens in the country... They(people) combine together... To kill the patriotism... But now everything will be stop... They will be exposed right in front of you... Who there spurious patriotism is hypocrisy... Who this book is named “who is the traitor?” ...

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