Vini is a young professional working as a manager for one of the leading conglomerates of India. A poet at heart, she loves weaving words more than crunching numbers. An alumnus of La Martiniere College, Vini pursued her MBA in marketing - two years which mark her metamorphosis into an independent, confident woman. Vini follows her heart and likes dreaming with open eyes. She firmly believes that dreams are realities in the waiting.


The Bull The Shit The Job

Books by S.VINI

Besties from college, Akki and Vira begin their corporate journey together but the adaptation to office life is not easy. Honesty hardly ever seems the best policy and colleagues turn ‘friends’ or ‘foes’ according to convenience, discovers Vira who does not hesitate in speaking up her mind. Akki, however adapts better, realizing that life in a corporate is a completely different ball game; coasting along and learning to cope up with the whims of his bo

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