Vishal Mishra

Vishal was born and brought up in Varanasi, India. He writes codes in C/C++ for living and writes fiction stories mostly while commuting for office in the Delhi Metro. He enjoys spending time in the parallel world and lives the lives of characters he create in his mind. Apart from developing software and writing short stories in English and Hindi, Vishal spends time playing flute and reading history books. Images and sketches are by Attri Chetan, a final year student at Balasore Art and Crafts College, Odisha.

Consumed By “IT”

Books by Vishal Mishra

“I was entirely there, without past, without future, completely focused on the gentleness of wind hitting my face slowly as if it’s caressing my body. It felt like I am back in the lap of mother and all my pain suddenly gone. I felt alive.”


“Like all other fresher in software industry, even we were high in energy and enthusiasm, like we are going to invent something which will change the living standard of entire human race. That was our long term plan, in short term; we decided a road trip to Goa from Bangalore, on 25th, our salary day.”


“Software Engineers are born like any other person on this planet, enjoy the innocence of childhood, go through the excitement and curiosity of adolescence, and ambitious yet joy full days of youth, till they join an IT job and turn into a machine.”


“Sometimes, you get trapped in black hole of loneliness, and living in dark makes you realize the importance of whatever little light you had but ignored.”


“It was not my cancer which was killing me, I almost defeated it, but my loneliness and no purpose to live was trying to kill me for sure.”


“When you start negotiating for time and efforts with your father and man hours wasted in visiting home to meet them, you better understand that you are getting consumed by ‘IT.’”


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