Wallace Jacob

Wallace Jacob is the author of

(i) The Unfathomable World of Amazing Numbers,

and the co-author of

(i) Puzzles – Exercises for your brain,

(ii) An Empirical Study of Behavioral Pattern of Seafarers: An Indian Exploration,

(iii) Computer Concepts and Fundamentals of Programming,

(iv) Merchant Navy Entrance Exams: A Guide to CET Preparation for Maritime Courses.

He can be reached at wallace_jacob@yahoo.co.in.


The Merchant of Venice Workbook for ICSE Students

Books by Wallace Jacob

The Merchant of Venice is a didactic play which dwells on love, friendship, sacrifice, revenge, elopement, atonement, domestic skirmishes, legal convolutions, and the complexities of life. The play can indeed be a source of great learning. This workbook is an attempt to explore the aforesaid aspects as well as comprehend the beauty of Shakespeare’s rhetoric.

While reading the play The Merchant of Venice, the reader might come across terms/no

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An Empirical Study of Behavioral Pattern of Seafarers: An Indian Exploration

Books by Wallace Jacob

The authors of this book have made an attempt to build a picture of the life and thinking patterns of seafarers, to comprehend the challenges faced by the seafarers and to understand how the challenges of the maritime industry are affecting seafarers.

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The Unfathomable World of Amazing Numbers

Books by Wallace Jacob

This to me contains many interesting facts related to numbers, Magic Squares, Pythagorean triplets, relationship between Pythagorean triplets and Fibonacci numbers, e (frequently used in Mathematics), Tower of Hanoi, leap years, etc. which the reader will find useful. It will be very useful to anyone who pursues Mathematics and/or Computer Programming as a hobby. It will also be helpful to aspirants who are preparing for competitive exams wherein ques

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