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Waman Prabhu

Waman Subha Prabhu has been working in Goa's print and electronic media for 51 years. He started journalism with Gomantak. Thereafter Kesari (Goa Representative), Loksatta (Goa Representative), Pudhari (Resident Editor) and Gowadoot (Editor) have such a long journey of their journalism. He is credited with launching Goa's first news channel, Goa Newsline, and was the founding editor of the channel. He later worked as the editor of Goa Jain TV. He also served as the Goa correspondent of Zee-Alpha TV and most recently as the Goa editor of Kolhapur's 'Marathiyan' news channel.

He has been honored with other awards including the famous 'Govind Mangesh Lad' journalism award. He has written in detail on political, social and sports issues.

'Manohar Parrikar of the Record' is his first book and the Marathi version of this book was finished in just fifteen days after publication. This book is a Hindi translated version of the same book.


मनोहर पर्रीकर ऑफ द रेकॉर्ड

Books by वामन सुभा प्रभू

‘मनोहर पर्रीकर ऑफ द रेकॉर्ड’ से पाठकों को कुछ अलग जानकारी देने के लेखक के प्रयास को दर्शाता है और इस पुस्तक को पूरी तरह से पढ़ने के बाद, यह स्पष्ट है कि लेखक ने इसमें बड़ी सफलता हासि

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