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Author Spotlight: Rinita Jain- Life Skills for Teenagers


Dr. Rinita Jain is a consultant Psychologist and an educator. She has taught, counselled and trained students, teachers and parents. Her fine understanding of student specific problems across all age groups, i.e. primary, adolescent, college and university led her to opt for the recently developed SBT (Solution Based Therapy) for finding a way to deal with the obstacles of life. She is presently working with Parenstor Education Pvt. Ltd and trains educators to teach innovatively and instil soft skills and life skills to students. She also counsels for career and behavioural problems of students. She has around 15 years of experience in the counselling field.

Briefly explain about your book.

The book is for teachers, parents, and students trio who are in adolescence phase.The book follows the principle that when there is an imbalance in adolescents Knowledge, Awareness and Curiosity (KAC) level, they become restless, anxious and start searching answers. The questions are related to various aspects concerning to them like Career, Education, Behavior and Personal (CEBP). At such time appropriate Information, Counseling and Guidance (ICG) is needed which can be given by parents and teachers. In the present scenario we cannot eliminate the importance of Professional counselors and Psychologists where parents and teachers are unable to help balance their KAC levels and certain psychotherapeutic interventions are necessary.

What do you feel is the USP of your book

The problem cases and the solution provided with appropriate counseling is the USP of my book.

Who are your target audience and how do you feel this book is going make a change in their lives.

The book is a guideline to parents, teachers and all those who are instrumental in young children’s lives. This will make them resourceful of answering and helping their children and also developing positive attitude towards counselors and psychologist.

How long have you been working on this manuscript.

This book is conversion of my doctorate which was on academic intelligence in the year 2004. Since the students liked it very much and used to read it like a book it was converted as Life Skills for teenagers.

Your views on the publishing process that you underwent at Notion Press

The team at Notion Press is very prompt and all the phases of publishing were very smooth.

What do you think has been the advantages working with Notion Press

The team was quick and the work was completed on time and I did not have to suffer from procrastination.

What is the reach of your book now?

It’s available on notion press website.

What are your marketing strategies?

It will be through organizing workshop for parents, children, teachers and educators. It will also be through social networking websites.

A small piece of advice to upcoming authors.

If you write from your heart and soul to bring the change or feel strongly about an issue, publish your work.

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