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Notion Press Presents Billionaire Cabbie by Balbir Singh Sethi

Billionaire Cabbie

The cycle of life has the tendency to take you to the highest of highs and drop you to the lowest of lows when you least expect it. While all of us have big dreams, most of put great efforts to turn those dreams into reality. But what if, despite achieving it all, life decides to take you on a roller coaster? This is one such story, of a man who had great dreams and a greater reality, but fate took its course. How does he tackle what life throws at him? Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform presents- Billionaire Cabbie by Balbir Singh Sethi.

Billionaire Cabbie

The narrative follows the story of a man whose life is a roller coaster ride. Bobby loses his father during the final year of his school, left to fend for himself. Despite several hardships, he has a great vision for his future. Growing up, with sheer hard work, determination and honesty, he reaches great heights, accomplishes all his dreams, and marries the love of his life. As he climbs up the ladder of life, and when all seems good and fair, life comes crashing down as his wife passes away. This leads him to become the Chairman of Bobby Group of Companies and amass more wealth till he realizes that he has had enough of it. All that he wants now is to see and experience life from ground zero. Will he be able to? What challenges are in stock for the Billionaire? This is a story of courage and ambition. Read to find out more!

Author Balbir has had his innings as an Engineer which eventually led him to become an exporter. Post-retirement he gave up his reigns to his son. In a span of 74 years, Balbir has gone through several ups and downs. An incident that he witnessed during his Jaipur, where he witnessed a lady necking a taxi driver, gave him the spark to write this first book.

Billionaire Cabbie by Balbir Singh Sethi is now available in Paperback and E-book format across all major eCommerce platforms including Amazon and on the Notion Press online store. Grab your copy now!

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