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7 Clichés About Women in Books

In an attempt to create stories that we can identify with, storytellers often end up writing characters that are so horribly inaccurate and stereotyped that it’s almost funny. Some Clichés are so cliché that it is hilarious. Here are 7 clichés about women in books.

“Her Smile Made My Heart Skip A Beat”

Really dude?  Do you have a heart condition? Ya, her smile caught his attention, but let’s move on. Chetan Bhagat’s 2 States doesn’t fail to emphasize Ananya’s beauty, but we are also introduced to someone who dares’s to question crappy food served in a hostel and doesn’t mind talking to a guy. She wasn’t that shy, beautiful thing, smiling and waiting for the protagonist to make a move.

She Detests, Yet Loves Her Arrogant Boss

Yup! We’ve all seen that female lead that hates the boss, but eventually, it turns to love. Oh, come on. Give our workforce a little credit. We have women bosses too. How about writing a scene where the female boss falls in love with a subordinate who is a man or woman? There’s plenty of room for chemistry. What if Anastasia was the boss of Christian Grey?

She Is Possessive Of Her ‘Man’

This is so Generation X. We can always go back to Mills and Boons for a dose of this drama. If it’s millennials (who have plenty going on) you are targeting, consider getting rid of this oh-so-possessive quirk out the door. Women and men have a wide range of interests and platforms in today’s world. Experimenting is a millennial’s go-to response, not stagnancy. Try to bring that into your story. Swipe right! *wink*

She Always Has The Perfect Body

Let’s get real, please. Attractiveness is based on so many things, so why restrict your writing within the so-called perfect female form? Give your female lead a mysterious edge. Perhaps a burn scar that has a back story that helps you give depth to her character and make room for plot ideas. Or even an extra thumb that adds the oomph factor. I’m sure it’ll work on someone other than Hrithik Roshan.

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Oh! She Never Opens Her Purse

This is the girlfriend formula that is as stale as Orkut. We live in a generation where women are fighting for equal wages. We know a thing or two about hard earned money too. So maybe your protagonist should stop bickering about his bank statement taking a hit every time he is out with his woman. We got the bill, or we go Dutch, buddy. Don’t lose women readers to something as silly as this.

She’s Always Saying, “We Need To Get Married.”

*Sigh!* This is such a dead end when you’re writing a book. Perhaps add some excitement by dabbling into some living together or long-distance relationships. They work too, now that everyone has room to breathe, the Internet and career interests to pursue. Cosmopolitan readers will be sure to cringe when they see the lack of depth in the love story in the lead pair if all their relationship leads to is marriage. Boring! Bring out more nuances from the relationship. Hint: Look beyond the lovey-dovey couple to complex vulnerabilities couple’s experience. Let your readers experience that.

She Is Always Stalked

Stalking is serious, and yes most often women are the victims. But, this is fiction so why not switch gears a little? I’m sure your female lead can also like a guy and use the whole privacy-is-dead-thanks-to-the-Internet trick to know more about her love-interest. Give her some credit. Tech suave is not just a guy’s game. We’d love to play the lead in a production of Bitch be Crazy! Believe me, we’d kill for it. Pun intended.

This is our list, what do you think about clichés about women in books? Let us know in the comments.

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