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Notion Press Presents- Finding Zen, Here and Now

We all race through life, not having the time to pause for a minute, take a deep breath and ask ourselves a very important question – ‘Am I completely centered and happy with my self?’

The Sanskrit root of the word Zen is Dhyana (which is deep contemplation and in today’s times we have the more fashionable mindfulness!) While Zen is a deeper meditative practice, in the modern world, the journey within needs this dhyana towards the grace of the universe around us as much as within us.

Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform presents, Finding Zen, Here and Now. The book uses external poetic metaphors, reflective exercises, and journaling as a means, to let you explore yourself in a conscious, mindful manner to find the Zen within.

You may have encountered several moments of ‘Zen’ in your life, during a peaceful morning walk, or simply on a Sunday morning as you sit by your balcony sipping a hot cup of tea or coffee.  In today’s fast-paced world, more often than not, we need to make conscious efforts to create such moments.

By looking at the everydayness of things, each one of us can begin the journey to connect to our true selves. This collection of thirty poems, and exercises, carefully strung together, can be used as a guide to practice over a month’s time.

Author Thejaswini Unni is an extensive traveler and conscious living geek, who is in constant awe at the everydayness of things. Over the last few years, she has been on a journey to explore the power of seeking grace in everyday things and connecting to our true selves.

Whether it’s the thousands of emails that are piling up in your inbox, the hectic schedule you’re constantly juggling, or simply the on-the-go nature of many of our jobs, the answer might not lie in distracting yourself from the thoughts, but in learning to let go of them completely and focus on the grace of the present moment.

Set your foot on a transformative journey to find beauty, compassion, and zen within, as much as without.

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