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The Journey of a Girl in Love Captured in Vivid Detail in Notion Press’ Latest Book

The Journey of a Girl in Love


The transition of a person from adolescence to adulthood is a journey that is unique to each individual. Notion Press’ latest book, The Journey of a Girl in Love written by Anagha, chronicles one such journey of a young girl who learnt many valuable lessons in life from relationships while chasing her dreams and succeeding in her career. The book is intended to strike a chord with adolescents and young adults.

The Journey of a Girl in Love

The Journey of a Girl in Love is the story of Ana who is an ambitious and matured-yet-childish girl who falls in love during her school days. The book elaborates and narrates her story as she tries to prove her love while encountering many different challenges which include chasing her dreams, establishing a successful career and managing responsibilities and expectations.

The story also narrates the story of Heeyan who is a decent and a good-looking person. The book describes the hurdles he faces in finding, waiting and winning the heart of the love of his life while being intensely focused in his career. The Journey of a Girl in Love vividly describes how fate plays a role in people’s lives and creates unexpected separations.

Will destiny bring the estranged souls together? What would their reaction be when they realize that things haven’t gone in the way they wanted it to go? The Journey of a Girl in Love answers there questions while elaborating this heart-touching transition from innocence to maturity.

The author, Anagha, is a financial advisor from Gadag, Karnataka. She describes herself to be an optimistic person who believes in dreams and ambitions. She is a keen observer of people and things, and she thinks that everyone she meets has a story to tell. Writing is her hobby and passion, and this book is her debut novel.

The book is available in print and e-book editions at the Notion Press bookstore and several other e-commerce platforms.

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