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Notion Press’ Latest creates a whole new dimension with Kaalchakra Chronicles

Kaalchakra Chronicles

Time travel is one of those tropes amongst robots, aliens and alternate universes that keep the science fiction genre fresh and a fun ride to pick up anytime. Kaalchakra Chronicles  by Manish D. Singh under Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform, is a fine example where mind-bending phenomena are seamlessly integrated into authentic historical events in vividly-imagined infinite worlds.

A young and promising prince in 451 BCE follows the teachings of his secret master and is in search of the Truth. Cut to 261 BCE, a prominent King in India is manipulated by his trusted advisor to wage war on Kalinga. The war is won, however, the mighty kingdom crumbles as the King renounces his empire. In 1857 CE, a nameless soldier is determined to brew the greatest rebellion formed against the East India Company and help fan the flames to dethrone the tyrannical rule of the British.

Kaalchakra Chronicles

With this historical backdrop, Kaalchakra Chronicles depicts the extraordinary journey of three protagonists in 2012 New Delhi. Agastya, a criminal psychology student recovering from the tragedy of losing his only sister and driven to fulfil the promise he made to her. Sharang, a top cop in the City of Rallies, is entangled in his own web of lies. After his boss goes AWOL, Siddharth, an assistant to an archaeologist, is out desperately searching for answers.

They cross paths when a serial killer goes on a spree in their own city. But, what can they do when the citizens themselves are in favour of the murderer? As the story progresses, Agastya, Sharang and Siddharth begin to question their own destiny. Little do they know that their fates have been decided beforehand by the very being who manipulated Gautam Buddha, King Ashoka and Mangal Pandey over various time periods.

Consultant-turned-author Manish D. Singh was inspired by the philosophies of the Bhagwad Gita and the endless universe that literature has to offer. Singh came up with the concept for the Kaalchakra Chronicles on his journey to Amarnath in 2012. Post seven years of conducting extensive research, plotting engaging storylines, and shaping interesting characters, Singh released the first of a five-part saga in November 2019, Kaalchakra Chronicles. He lives in New Delhi just like his protagonists.

Kaalchakra Chronicles is perfect if you’re looking to take a quantum leap into an intriguing story that effortlessly brings the past and present together. Part fantasy, part history and absolutely captivating, this book is sure to transport you across multiple centuries within a few chapters. Grab your copy of Kaalchakra Chronicles in print and e-book format at the Notion Press Bookstore amongst other leading e-commerce portals such as Amazon and Flipkart.

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