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Life In Different Colours

Life is like a rainbow. You need the soulfulness of the sun and the gloominess of the rain to bring out its vibrant colors. Exploring the uniqueness in various facets of life, Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform, presents Life in Different Colours by Pratik P Sharda.

Life in Different Colours

Life in Different Colours is for anyone who is a fan of fiction literature that rises above the mere black and white shades of a regular story. Ideally, the book chooses to portray life with contrasting shades and tones that aren’t merely on the visible surface but can also be found deep within one’s life. Life in Different Colours is an anthology of short stories that are basically incomparable or unconnected to each other. Comprising twelve unique stories inspired by the author’s imagination, experiences, and contact with personalities from several walks of life, each story unfolds a gripping tale with an interesting plotline embedded with strategically designed twists and brilliant reveals. Nonetheless, through Life in Different Colours, the author aims to narrate stories with characters that would pique interest in readers as well as relate to them at a certain level. With simplicity and lucidity as their backbone, these stories are entertaining, well-written, emotional, powerful and, in some way, already does or could one day define our own lives. But that’s not all. Unlike most fictional narratives, Life in Different Colours will not only make for an appealing page-turner but will also leave the reader with something more than what they initially started with.

However, besides the brilliant plot and an embedded message, the key takeaway for Life in Different Colours is the length of each story. Sure to quench your literary thirst, each tale paints a captivating narrative that could be satisfactorily tied off within a maximum of thirty to forty minutes. This kind of storytelling format arises from a well-known fact that most of us who love to indulge in a literary journey, are unable to do so due to the paucity of time that a whole novel typically demands or the general lack of it due to other pressing priorities.

Now, talking a bit about the author, Pratik P Sharda was raised with humble roots in a middle-class family in the City of Joy, Kolkata. Post his education, he had lived for a substantial period of time in both Mumbai and Bangalore before ultimately settling in the latter. Currently, Pratik works with a prestigious real estate company in a prominent managerial position in the field of direct taxation. Apart from his thriving professional career, Pratik has an undying passion to write. Moreover, he loves to travel, meet and connect with people from various walks of life and craves to learn from their experiences while trying to understand the many facets of life and its riddles. However, his stride into writing began with a specific purpose. Standing at the first checkpoint of a never-ending journey into writing, Pratik aspires to pen about anything and everything he comes across in life in order to share his experiences, with the hope that his readers would find it valuable and entertaining.

Life in Different Colours is a must-read if you’re curious about life and its vague mysteries that bring radically diverse people together to share a story. Grab your copy of Life in Different Colours by Pratik P Sharda, both in print and e-book format, at the Notion Press Bookstore amongst other leading e-commerce portals such as Amazon and Flipkart.

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