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Notion Press brings you an interactive colorful diary that doubles as your child’s friend

Life Parachute

A precious gift to any child is the ability to be who they are without fear of judgement and to explore and understand themselves. Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform, presents to you the perfect companion for your child as they grow up “Life Parachute” an interactive diary that encourages kids to answer questions that help them know more about themselves. Written by Manjoo Shree, like the captain of a ship steers the vessel to safety so has the author carefully manoeuvred and placed exercises to gain a better outcome.

Life Parachute

Designed and curated to be your child’s friend throughout their life, this book can be picked up and flipped open long after the activities have been completed. After all, it does hold the secrets of who they are. As the years go past, a part of them that had fanciful dreams might’ve forgotten something but this book can help them remember. Through life’s rough waters and the troubles that they face, this book is their life jacket and steers them out of harm’s way.

This book gives your child the knowledge they need to survive in the world, or rather it just brings to the front the knowledge that they already possess – who they are. Because, in life, there are no easy routes and knowing who they are going a long way in helping them traverse the long, hard and rough road of life.

Give your child a chance to live a fruitful and happy life and head over to to pick up a copy of this book or, the leading e-commerce websites Amazon and Flipkart.

About The Author:

Manjoo Shree.N’s name is counted in an extraordinary breed of only three people in the world, and the very first in India, who blend these two art forms, for Life Transformation. She is the Founder/Creative Director of Lifeolicious,a Psychology Masters Gold-medallist, has International Certification in Life-Coaching and National Certifications in Human Resource Management, Transactional Analysis and Reiki healing. Lifeolicious, for her, is a platform,to inspire people to transform their lives into happy places. Her niche is to work with distressed people, and elevate

their lives, with a heady blend of positive words and blissful songs!

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