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Notion Press’ Latest is bound to excite and inspire your little ones to be artistic

Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform, is pleased to introduce an innovative and encouraging children’s book, Magical Adventures of Little Heer by Amrita Momi.

Magical Adventures by Little Heer is an offer extended to every child to join little Heer and her friends as they are about to embark on the most exciting adventures of their lives. Starting from a thrilling trip to Disneyland, a fun day at the beach, spending the night plucking twinkling little stars with the help of Little Bear and fearless acts such as Saving the Circus, the book will positively take your children on a rollercoaster ride with vivid and colourful illustrations.

However, the book strives to educate children and instil valuable traits at a younger age than just merely be a book with glossy distractions. A Night with the Stars will definitely drive the poet in your child to take her first few rhyming words on to paper. On the other hand, the book subtly talks about protecting our environment and our water bodies through The Little Mermaid Who Wanted to Help. Very few books manage to get an essential point across triumphantly to a readily-distracted mind, and Magical Adventures by Little Heer by Amrita Momi is one that succeeds at the

Magical Adventures of Little Heer



This book will excite tender minds to get creative while simultaneously inspiring them to invest their maximum potential in everything that they do, even at having fun. However, what distinguishes this book and sets it apart from every other title in the genre is the creative photographs of little Heer. Amrita Momi has exceptionally accomplished to capture photographs of little Heer in witty costumes against marvellous backgrounds that are sure to keep your kid turning pages over and over again. Moreover, the amount of insight and thought that went behind designing such astonishing photographs with the help of household items that are always available in one’s house is sure to spark creativity in your child while sending out the message of being eco-friendly at the same time.

Magical Adventures with Little Heer author Amrita Momi, a Physicist from IIT Kharagpur, is currently conquering the world as a loving mother as well as a consultant at a global management firm. Never having the intention to write a book someday, Momi decided to return to many of her childhood passions such as adventure, photography, along with art and writing which enabled her to author this book. Besides, her first child, Heer, and her love for the little one transformed her world and inspired her to do more. By merely using household items and a bit of creativity, Momi clicked all of the photographs of her daughter used in the book herself. Compiling these pictures along with the stories she wrote for her daughter turned it into an uplifting book dedicated to Heer and every other child out there.

Magical Adventures of Little Heer by Amrita Momi will encourage your little ones to dedicate time and patience to their art while educating them on crucial subjects through the entertainment offered through exciting tales and appealing images. Grab your copy of Magical Adventures with Little Heer in print and e-book format at the Notion Press Bookstore amongst other leading e-commerce portals such as Amazon and Flipkart.

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