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Notion Press’ Latest is a Forensic Thriller that You Shouldn’t Miss!


One man’s trash is a forensic scientist’s treasure.”  

Forensic thrillers are rare and an intriguing blend of fiction and science. When it comes to such narratives, the gorier, the better! However, as gruesome as it is, it always manages to evoke a  sense of curiosity within us as it takes us on a riveting journey through the sharp eyes of a clue-sifting protagonist amid a horrific and intricate case.  Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform, presents a novel series – Murdrum by Dr.  Sohil Makwana, a captivating forensic crime thriller, based on true events, that is bound to quench your morbid curiosity. 

The human body holds several secrets. And it’s up to forensic science to reveal the orchestrator of a crime through the most minute and negligible evidence. Forensic Scientists have even gone to the extent of extracting human DNA from the blood present in a mosquito.  In fact, a 35-years old cold-murder case was solved merely by a cigarette butt in March 2020.  


Murdrum: The Probe Begins opens by portraying the life of Komal Rathod, an orphan, and a forensic expert who suffers from ‘congenital insensitivity of pain’. Her only purpose in life is to become a crime scene investigator in the CBI. The drive behind her passion to join the CBI is her mother who went missing mother when she was merely six. However, after consistent failure,  she gets an opportunity to work with the CBI as an intern. There, she is assigned the task of merely data collection.  

Nevertheless, Komal strives to convince her egoistic officers about the presence of a wicked criminal in Mumbai city. Her only aim is to grab the sinister serial killer who leaves no clues behind. But, intelligent and vigilant forensic expert, Komal, leaves no stone unturned and digs her way to uncover the unknown identity of the wise and heartless serial killer. 

However, the table turns, and the cat and mouse game begins. Forget the DNA, forget the fingerprints, even the murder weapon; Komal utilizes numbers of various high-tech incredible forensic investigations. But, this tech-savvy killer knows his job forwards and backward. 

Will Komal be able to get enough evidence against the serial killer despite suffering from a bizarre life-threatening disease? What drives the killer to take innocent lives in the most horrific way? Will Komal be able to understand the psychology of the serial killer? How far is society itself involved in the generation of such monstrous killers? Murdrum: The Probe Begins answers these questions through a thrilling narrative at break-neck speeds.  

Author Dr. Sohil Makwana is an expert in medicine and an expert in creating mysteries. He believes that learning never ends. His extreme enthusiasm to explore novel ideas had steered him to become a versatile writer. 

Apart from being a doctor, Dr. Makwana is a fashion photographer, humorist, assistant director, screenwriter, fitness expert, and debutant novelist. He is none other than the same doctor whose picture went viral internationally for wearing the PPE kit and being drenched in sweat after heartily completing Covid duties. 

Describing his unique patients’ struggles and sometimes uncanny gifts, Dr. Sohil Makwana wants to introduce bizarre diseases to the general audience with the help of humanized and demystified characters. 

Rich in forensic detail, exceptional character development, and unpredictable terrifying situations, Dr. Sohil Makwana’s Murdrum is a must if you are a fan of forensic suspense and thrillers. 

Grab your copy of the first installment Murdrum by Dr. Sohil Makwana in print and e-book format at the Notion Press Bookstore and amongst leading e-commerce portals such as Amazon and Flipkart.

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